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GHCA Eagles Prepare for Playoffs

| February 6, 2014

GHCAWEB from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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It’s been quite a year for the Greater Houlton Christian Academy Eagles. After battling through two winless seasons and just  two wins last year  The Eagles are 12-6 this year and  preparing for an Eastern Maine Playoff game.


Warman:”I think the school is extremely excited. I think the girls are  probably more excited than anyone. It’s all they are talking about in school they talk about it before and after practice and are looking forward to the next game.”

The Eagles have just seven players on the team and are one of the youngest if not the youngest team in the State.

Warman:” Right now I have two eight graders , three freshmen one sophomore and one senior”

The first year varsity coach has been working with most of the girls on the team since elementary school and the girls hard work is paying off

Warman:” This started back in third and fourth grade.  I have been with this group of kids a lot of them since third and fourth grade and some in fifth and sixth.  We took our lumps for three four and five years and we are starting to see the fruits of it. Kept working on fundamentals and played all we could.”

Warman says it can be difficult with a short bench, but for the most part the players have stayed out of foul trouble. He said going into the season he would have been happy with a 9-9 season, but some close games against some very good teams got Eagles players believing they can compete

Warman:” It came down to a couple of key games throughout the year that we lost, but we competed in those games.  The girls attitudes towards themselves and the team kind of changed.  They got to be thinking more about we can compete.  They can listen to me all day  talking about how they can compete, but until they actually go onto the floor and are able to compete with  some of these better teams it started to change the attitude.”

Every teams goal is a trip to Bangor. The Eagles will take to the road next Tuesday and would love to pull off an upset and get to play in the Cross Center

Warman:” That has been the goal from day one. We have talked about it.  We will continue to talk about it. It’s most of their dreams to  get to Bangor even this year. The eighth graders and freshman want to make Bangor so this playoff game would be huge if we could make it.”

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