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George Jaime Trial Update

| November 13, 2013

George Jaime 2

The murder trial of Presque Isle pawnshop owner George Jaime continued Wednesday. Jaime is charged with intentional or knowing murder in connection with the death of Starlette Vining, who went missing fifteen years ago.

Witnesses Wednesday morning included James Campbell, a friend of George Jaime’s son Ted Jaimie, who alleges he helped with the cleanup of the pawnshop the day after Star Vining was killed. Campbell never saw Vining’s body but said to the court that George Jaime had told him that he killed her and he was proud of it. Campbell said he was also present for the cleanup of the boiler in Jaime’s basement. During cross examination, defense attorney Jeff Silverstein pointed out that Campbell was confused as to where in Jaimie’s home the cleanup occurred; whether it was in the basement or on the first floor.

The second witness to testify was Paris Voisine, who was married to Ted Jaime for a number of years. Voisine was living with Ted Jaime in the fall of 1998 and told the court she remembers the night that George Jaime came to their home. She said Ted Jaime left the house that night with his father to go to his pawnshop and that she was in shock when she found out why he was leaving. Ted Jaime testified yesterday and said that on that night his father told him he had “done something bad” and when he arrived to the pawnshop with his father, he saw a bloody and lifeless Star Vining.

Voisine said when her ex-husband returned that night he told her “the less she knew, the better.” Eventually she did learn what allegedly happened and wanted to to go the state police, but her husband told her that if she did, she’d “be the next one in the garbage bag.” She said she was present during conversations between Ted Jaime and James Campbell where it was said that George Jaime cut Vining’s body into pieces, put them in a garbage bag, disposed of them in a boiler in his basement, and dumped her ashes into a body of water.

During cross examination, she told defense attorney Jeff Silverstein that Ted Jaime was physically and emotionally abusive and was prone to lying and exaggeration.

The next to take the witness stand was Sarah Redmond, daughter of Star Vining. Redmond became emotional as she talked about her mother, and said that though her mother would disappear often for years at a time, she always sent letters and birthday presents up until 1998. Redmond said that though they didn’t see her often, Vining and her children were still close and they loved each other very much. Redmond has not heard from her mother in 15 years.

Two more witnesses that took the stand were Eric Ericsson of the Presque Isle police department, and Adam Stoutomayor, detective with the Maine State Police.


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