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George Jaime Trial Update

| November 15, 2013

George Jaime 2

Houlton, ME: The defense rested its case mid-morning Friday after two witnesses testified in the George Jaime trial.   The first to testify was Carrie Doustou, who Ted Jaime claimed earlier this week had given George Jaime a ride to his home the night he allegedly murdered Star Vining in 1998. Doustou today claimed she had no memory of that night, but in an interview with State Police in the summer of 2012, she said that it did sound vaguely familiar.   Jaime’s daughter Susan Cunningham testified and said that Ted Jaime told her that he himself had sexual relations with Starlette Vining.   George Jaime chose not to testify.   The state and the defense will present their closing arguments this afternoon.

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