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Gateway Motel renovations underway for the World Acadian Congress

| January 31, 2014


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The St. John Valley is gearing up for the World Acadian Congress that is just months away, and the Gateway Motel in the parish of St. David in Madawaska is preparing by COMPLETELY renovating the place. and having it open in time for the Acadian celebrations. News Source 8’s Angela Christoforos reports..

There’s a lot of work being done inside the Gateway Motel…

Co-owner Steven Charette said, “We’ve done quite a bit, we started this fall we put all new roofs up and then once the roofs were on we started working inside on getting all the dry wall gutted out.”

Construction for 47 brand new rooms, a brand new entrance, and a new restaurant and lounge is underway.

Co-owner David Morin said, “It’s been a tough last 10 years for the former owners, the economic times were pretty tough. We’re hoping to turn that around and get some more local involvement.”

The Gateway Motel has been a town landmark for years. It’s been closed since fall of 2012 but it’s expected to be open for business again by May 1st. The goal is to have it ready for the World Acadian Congress that’s expected to start off business off with a BIG boost.

“We’re going to call it the New Gateway Motel, it’s not the Old Gateway anymore. We want Madawaska to have the red carpet rolled out and welcome these people and hopefully in the years after that they will return and visit us,” said Morin.

The Motel Owners are hopeful that the new and improved Gateway along with that international view will not only be a hit for tourists; but also a local staple for years to come.

The World Acadian Congress will be held in August and is expected to bring in over 50,000 people from around the world.

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