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| June 17, 2014


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The beautiful weather has arrived and that means, it’s time to head outside and fix up your gardens.  If you are looking to supplement your flower garden, or increase the size of you vegetable patch two local experts have one big tip for you, start with a soil test.

“A soil sample box you take it home follow the instructions on that box, tell you how to take a sample send it to Orono, there is a fee not sure how much it is but it is worth it, tell them you are going to grow vegetables, they will run a soil sample and they will tell you what you have to add to the soil, for optimum production,” says Randy Martin

That goes for a flower garden as well. Martin adds that every time you put manure or any other additive in your garden you are changing the soil. For those flower gardens Donna Keegan from Myrtle Tree says to really bring your flower garden to life it all come down to making the right flower choices.

“Yes, plants need to be zone hardy and they should be northern grown, sometimes what happens is people will buy plants that are zone hardy but are flowering at the wrong time, which is also a big problem. So, they need to flower when they are supposed to,” says Keegan.

Yet, if one of your favorite vegetables requires a little warmer soil, Martin has one simple trick that gets warm weather plants growing here. “Peppers love heat, and we don’t have that all the time. So, black plastic is the alternative. And you plant your peppers in black plastic and your cucurbits cucumbers, pumpkins, squash, gourds, zucchini plant that in black plastic and that black plastic heats up the soil and it fakes the plants out.”

If you have questions both Keegan and Martin recommend asking local growers. That way you can achieve that perfect summer garden.

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