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Garbage Found on Roadways Heading Toward Tri-Community Landfill

| May 20, 2014


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If you’ve traveled on the roads heading toward the Tri-Community landfill, you may have noticed something on the side of the road, and that’s trash.

Now the Fort Fairfield police have said they’ve been finding lots of garbage on the side of the road. Right now I’m sitting by numerous empty bags of wood pellets, and they’re just asking to secure these items to your vehicles.

” We’ve had complaints from residents, folks here at the town office, as well as folks from the landfill itself. Complaining about loads not being secured and trash being on side the roads,” says Fort Fairfield Police Sergeant Shawn Newell.

“Of course this is a concern. You know the folks that live along those roads don’t like to see litter in front of their houses. It can be a traffic hazard depending on what the material is. And Aroostook County is a very scenic area, and we would like to see it kept clean,” says Mark Draper of Tri-Community Landfill.

Bags of garbage, construction materials, bottles, and other debris have been found on the sides of the roads. Mark Draper says to try to make sure the material you’re bringing to the landfill, actually makes it all the way to the landfill.

“If they do lose something on the way, just try to make sure you stop and pick it up. If you didn’t notice it on the way, maybe on your way back you notice it, stop and pick it up, and don’t necessarily expect someone else to do that for you,” says Draper.

Sergeant Newell says they always patrol the area near the landfill, but due to the complaints, they will be paying extra close attention.

” The law requires that a vehicle or a load, must be secured or fastened, in a manner that doesn’t permit the material from flying off the vehicle. An individual that is caught with an unsecured load can face a traffic citation and the fine amount is $311.00 dollars,” says Newell.

Both Newell and Draper say, it’s much cheaper in the long run to have your items secured.

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