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Fundraiser Organized to Support Murder Victim’s Family

| June 3, 2014


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The St. Francis man hunt now stretching on to it’s 4th day has a lot of residents very concerned and on edge, but we want to shift our focus from the search to the victim, and how the community has extended it’s reach to the family. 31-year-old Amy Theriault leaves behind 2 young daughters. And while law enforcement is doing everything they can to catch Marquis, the community is doing everything it can to support the victim’s family.

It’s Day 4 of the St. Francis man hunt and 38-year-old Jesse Marquis is still nowhere in sight, but the memory of Amy Theriault is on the minds and in the hearts of community members across the County. She died of a gun shot wound of the chest and multiple stab wounds of the chest and neck Saturday morning. Shocked and saddened community members are stepping up to help the family.

Sheila Soucy who Organized the Fundraiser said, “We know what they’re going through and right now they’re at a loss, a huge loss, they had no medical insurance. People are just pouring, pouring out their gratitude and condolences to this family and just helping them financially which is a big lift of a burden for this family.”

As of Tuesday afternoon, a go fund me site had raised over 10,000 for Amy’s family. A 31-year-old woman whose life was taken too soon. Amy was a mother, a daughter, and a employee at the Forest Hill nursing home in Fort Kent.

Sharon Burgett who worked with Amy said,”She was a good person. Amy cared about people she cared about her girls. She worked hard, she wasn’t a trouble maker you know she was a good person.”

“I know that she’s a compassionate young lady and she loved her kids, I know that she loved her job, she loved to hunt and fish. She was very very caring for the residents in her job. She loved her community and from what I understand she was loved by just about anybody,” said Soucy.

Though no amount of money can ever bring Amy back, every donation goes a long way in helping her family, and two young girls.

To donate, go to

There’s also plans underway for a vigil to be held in Amy’s memory this Sunday in Fort Kent.

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