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Friends of NRA first annual banquet

| September 10, 2013

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The first annual Aroostook Friends of NRA Banquet took place last week, and had quite a turn out.  The Crowsnest welcomed the Aroostook Friends of NRA on Friday August 6ths as they held their 1st Annual Banquet.

David Bell Chairman of the Aroostook friends of NRA  told us “50% of the money raised at our banquet goes right back into the community in the form of grants the other 50% goes to national programs like boy scouts, 4H group, things like that to help support shooting sports, adult and youth education programs”

Between 13,000 and 14,000 dollars were raised and the turn out exceeded their expectations  Bell, ” When we first started this we were thinking 150 to 200 people, we ended up selling out at 400 which was phenomenal.”

Ever since the friends of NRA started a new chapter here in Aroostook county Ben’s trading post has seen positive reinforcement.

Benjamin Leblanc Owner and Operator of Ben’s Trading post told us “gun sales are up…more people involved..and more people getting their concealed carry permit and more people really concerned with what the future holds with the fire administry.”

Guns have gotten a lot of attention over the last 20 years, but David Bell tells us he believes there is more positive influence as far as guns go..As an NRA certified instructor, their main focus is to promote educate programs that are all about safety and safe handling..

Bell said, “the police cant be there 24-7, and if somebody broke into my house in the middle of the night and threatened me or my family…i’d be prepared for that.”

Bell says the Aroostook friends of NRA are already planning next year’s Banquet.

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