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Friends of Big Rock Working To Preserve Skiing in Mars Hill

| August 14, 2013


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Things could go either way for the future of Big Rock Mountain. Officials say skiing COULD take place at the mountain this winter. But that all depends on the Friends of Big Rock and their ability to raise 150 thousand dollars in the next few months.

Bill Getman is the  coordinator of the Friends of Big Rock and says “there are people behind the scenes working at the corporate level to raise funds but this is just to get the community energized, connected and involved with our process.”

That process includes forming the Friends of Big Rock just days after hearing Maine Winter Sports Center and the Libra Foundation were pulling out of funding the facility from here on in. Getman says the news wasn’t too surprising knowing the day would eventually come. He says he had an inkling when they were told to wait on preparing the mountain for ski season this summer.

“We were told to stand down so a lot of the maintenance work that we normally would have done during the summer we’re now behind on.”

The Maine Winter Sports Center bought Big Rock in 1999, and over the years along with the Libra Foundation infused more than 6 million dollars in improvements and upgrades to keep the facility viable. Things like expanded snow making, beginning intermediate ski area, a glade park and a carpet lift. But more work needs to be done. Getman says considering what the facility adds to the local economy, CLOSING IT, isn’t an option.

“We had 19 thousand skiiers that came to this one location last year they’re filling their tanks with gas they’re filling up their trunks with groceries they go to the mall, it does have an impact.

Getman adds already there 22 donors who’ve thrown more than 12 thousand dollars toward the 150 thousand dollar goal. He expect Maine Winter Sports Center to turn over ownership to a new entity by mid September. In the meantime, he says the mountain will stay open to skiiers this upcoming winter once the money is raised.

And if anyone would like more information about to get involved with the effort to save Big Rock Mountain or join the Friends of Big Rock you can contact Bill Getman at 425-6711 or check out their funding help website at:


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