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French Journalists Visit the St. John Valley

| September 12, 2013

Tourism from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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French Travel Writer Beatrice LeProux is soaking up all the information that she possibly can about Acadia of the Lands and Forests. She’s one of a group of four journalists from France, currently visiting the St. John Valley.

Travel Writer Beatrice LeProux says, “I’m going to understand what’s going on and most of all what’s going on today..because history is fine but what most interests me is what’s going on today.”

The four are from different parts of France. Some are writers, some work for the radio. They’ve been traveling for about a week – spending time in Quebec, New Brunswick, and they’re finishing their trip in Maine. They were invited by the governments of the three regions – to learn about the regions, Acadian history, and help promote the World Acadian Congress.

Pierre Coamo, journalist, says “It’s to have more information about the people Acadian, and the people which come from France..not from my place..but they come from France and it’s a part of history for this place North America and a big story for the French too.”

LeProux says, “If there is no cultural message, just the idea of the big fair is comforting for Acadian or French speaking people.”

So much to study in so little time – I asked what they think they’ll write about when they return home to France.

Coamo says: “I’ll report about the difference between the Acadians from Canada and the Acadians from the USA..and the problem between the two to understand together to do the World Acadian Congress”

LeProux says, “Maybe the difference.. three speeds Acadian..Acadia has got three in a car..I don’t know yet, but I learned a lot.”

One tool these journalists have discovered during their time here is a map that shows the movement of the Acadians from the beginning. They’re each going to take one back to France to use to educate others and promote this region.

Marie Josee Michaud, N.B. tourism officer says, “Not just in light of 2014 but down the road, I think they can keep writing about the Acadian culture, and at the base of all this, we all come from France”

The trip ends Friday with a visit to the Maine, New Brunswick, and Quebec border.

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