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Free Diabetes Screenings for Diabetes Alert Day

| March 26, 2014


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Diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death in the Maine. More than 8 percent of adults living in Maine have diabetes, and an estimated 3.1 percent of Mainers have diabetes, but haven’t been diagnosed. That’s why Diabetes Educator Christine O’Meara, says having diabetes screenings are important.

“We thought this was important and a great service to the community because today is Diabetes Alert Day, to just kind of get some people out there who didn’t know they had diabetes to kind of be more aware of what’s going on with their bodies, and what they can do to stay as healthy as possible,” says O’Meara.

Many people came in to get their blood sugar tested to make sure they were in a healthy range, and weren’t at risk for Type 2 diabetes. Ellsworth was one of the first to get tested, and he said it was easy!

“I filled out a questionnaire, got my finger pricked and that was it,” says Ellsworth.

His blood sugar was in a healthy range, and O’Meara says he shouldn’t have to worry about diabetes, but it’s always good to have two tests before you’re diagnosed.

“I usually get my blood sugar tested sometimes. I keep it up,” says Ellsworth.

Getting tested for diabetes is very simple. They simply prick your finger, collect a little bit of blood, stick it on the glucometer, and that’s going to be your blood sugar number.

“So we are expecting below 100 to be totally normal. And then that pre-diabetes is 100 to 125, and 126 and over is considered diabetes,” says O’Meara.

Now you should see these kind of numbers before you’ve had anything to eat for the day. O’Meara says if you are in the pre- diabetes range, lifestyle changes should be made like diet and exercise. There are a few warning signs that your sugar is too high.

“So some of the big warning signs would be being excessively thirsty, having to urinate more often. Another big warning sign is cuts that don’t heal,” says O’Meara.

Other signs that your sugar may be too high is blurry vision, and dry itchy skin. While Type 1 Diabetes can’t be prevented, Type 2 can, so that’s why it is good to find out early so the disease can be prevented.

Want to see if you are at risk for Type 2 Diabetes? Take the test!

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