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Francis M. Malcolm Institute celebrates 30th anniversary

| October 19, 2013


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Saturday was the 30th anniversary of an educational gem in the County: The Francis Malcolm Institute. A celebration was held to recognize this institute that’s been a part of Easton since 1983. It’s aome to a planetarium star theatre, turtles, frogs, and all things science.

Planetarium Director Larry Berz said, “Over the 30 years literally 100,000 to 200,000 children and guests have been here.”

It’s an educational atmosphere that’s been in Easton since 1983 for kids and people of all ages to enjoy.

Planetarium Director Larry Berz said, “We’ve been engaged in a 2 stream educational mission that focus upon nature and environmental and life science as well as space science and astronomy as well too.”

One of the unique fixtures at the Francis Malcolm Institute is a telescope that stands 10 feet tall that’s claimed to be the largest telescope in Aroostook County.

Sharon Campbell Former President of Presque Isle Rotary Club said, “It’s just such a gem for our community and our children. I have a daughter who’s enjoyed coming here on school trips for years.

Financial donations from local Kiwanis Clubs, Rotary Clubs, and the MSMM Key Club contributed to a recent lighting and audio upgrade to the planetarium at the Francis Malcolm Institute.  A reputable Science Center that’s been standing strong for 30 years, with hopes of many more to come.

Francis M. Malcolm is the benefactor of the Francis M. Malcolm Institute. He was born in 1894 and spent his childhood on a farm located between the

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