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Fort Kent Youngster Gets Jersey Off A Player’s Back

| April 14, 2014

aidanweb from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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A St John Valley youngster had the thrill of a lifetime on Saturday at TD Garden. 11 year old Aidan Sirois of Fort Kent and a sixth grader at the Madawaska Elementary School was   selected to take the ice and receive a jersey off a players back.


Aidan Sirois is all smiles as he displays his Kevin Millar jersey that he received on Saturday afternoon Sirois was one of 24 people selected  to get a game worn jersey from a player during their final home game of the season

Sirois:” I was a little nervous at first, but after awhile I got pretty cool with it. I went on and pretty much met him . He took off his jersey and just gave it to me.  It was Kevin Millar.”

Aidan’s grandfather Glen Lamarr who works for TD Bank in Fort Kent was able to get the tickets to the game. Lamarr was told that Sirois would be selected to get a jersey, Aidan didn’t find out about getting the jersey until he got to the Garden

Ben Sirois:” He looked at Aidan and said are you excited to hit the ice after the game and Aidan’s eyes got really big and said I don’t think I can do that. Because Aidan was uncertain a little bit they took us down and gave us a tour and we got to meet a couple of the Bruins while we were down there.”

Before the game Aida met Singer Rene Rancourt who let him see his Stanley Cup Ring and also spent some time with Zdeno Chara who is even taller in person

Aidan Sirois:” Huge I have to look up at him like this He was huge.”

Ben Sirois says that it was a thrill for all of them and that it was an easy choice on who would escort Aidon on the ice.

Ben Sirois:” We weren’t sure who was going on the ice with him but I looked at his Grandfather and said I think you deserve to go down with him.  His Grandfather took him down and we were up in the stands cheering and Aidan glanced up and waved at us it was amazing feeling.

Aidan:” It was awesome It was the greatest feeling in the world actually.”



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