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Fort Kent Puppy Rescue Mission saves 25 dogs from Tennessee abuse case

| July 7, 2014


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Last month, 25 dogs were rescued from an animal abuse case in Tennessee, by a puppy rescue mission out of Fort Kent. The dogs were found starving with no food and no water but as News Source 8’s Angela Christoforos reports, now these dogs have a dog gone happy ending…

The Daigle Family said, “When I saw his picture I knew that he needed to join our family I was in love with him right away.”

Nico is the newest member of the Daigle Family. This pup is 1 of 25 rescued from the Raja Renata Ranch in Clarksville Tennessee, where a woman who ran a dog rescue operation was arrested for animal cruelty: 37 bags of dead dogs were found and 39 dogs still alive were found starving with no food and water.

Founder of Puppy Rescue Mission in Fort Kent Anna Cannan said, “Broke our hearts and in honor of them we wanted to rescue those who did survive this awful tragedy.”

” He’s shaved cause he’s been on an IV for approximately a week he was in the hospital with an intestinal infection and we weren’t sure that he was going to make it, but he’s truly a miracle,” said the Daigle Family.

As is the Puppy Rescue Mission of Fort Kent, that managed to rescue 25 dogs and get them to homes all across the U.S, including right here in the County.

” We could not turn our heads to this mission, these dogs are all beautiful animals and deserve a chance so we wanted to give them that second chance at life,” said Cannan.

None of the rescued dogs were spayed or neutered, and trauma from the abuse is still very real for Nico.

“He doesn’t chew, I’ve actually been feeding him out of my hands about every hour,” said the Daigle family.

But with Nico’s new home and loving family, it’s sure to be a dog gone good life.

Three of the dogs also went to the Houlton Humane Society where they are being fostered and given to good homes. The entire rescue mission cost over $20,000, you can help out by donating at

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