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Fort Kent Muskie Derby is Underway

| August 9, 2013


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They are pulling in some monster fish  in the St John Valley. The 10th annual Fort Kent Muskie Derby is being held this weekend and already several big fish  have been registered

Bud Soucy of Fort Kent has had quite a day on the St John River. He registered two muskie in the first four hours of the derby. The second one measured 41 and three quarters inches.

Soucy said he was surprised at the size of the fish” Initially when I caught it I didn’t think it was as big as the first one I had caught. Once we were able to get it closer to the boat we realized it was quite a bit bigger.”

Soucy caught the fish in the St John River in an area where he has had success in the past

Soucy said” We fish it a couple times during the year and we were there earlier this year and caught a few nice fish so we decided to go back”

He said the muskie put up quite a fight and he wasn’t sure they would be able to get it into the boat

” When it came to the board we weren’t sure we were going to be able to  get it because it jumped pretty high out of the water. It splashed pretty hard and we thought it might throw the hook, but we were able to land it and get it in the boat.”

The Fort Kent angler won the derby back in 2009 and would love to pick up another first place check. It won’t be easy there are over 200 people registered for the derby. Organizers including Justin Dubois are pleased with the turnout.

 ” We have stepped out our advertising the last couple of years. Really pushing the outdoor magazines. Alot of them are getting the word out there to out of state and downstate customers.  We are really seeing a lot of people coming from out of the area.

It was a rainy start to the three day event, but Dubois says that hasn’t keep people off the water

” To be honest with you we have heard people say they do better when it rains. it rained the same way last year. We had rain on Friday, but it’s supposed to be a beautiful weekend hopefully we will have some big fish coming in.

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