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Fort Kent Family Thankful for Carbon Monoxide Detectors

| September 18, 2013

monoxide from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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The Dube family in Fort Kent enjoys some fun time outside. A very relaxed evening for these four, compared to two weeks ago… Stacy was home with her two boys one night and called Patrick at work, complaining about a funky smell in the house that made her and her son feel sick.

Stacy Dube says, “I started smelling like paint, and I started feeling sick to my stomach, and a little lightheaded and he wasn’t feeling well either.”

Patrick first thought the smell – that was gradually getting worse – was coming from a light bulb he had replaced days before – but when one of the carbon monoxide alarms in the house sounded – he told Stacy and the boys to get outside and call 911 immediately.

Stacy: “I grabbed the phone and the boys and ran outside and called 911″

Ed Endee, Chief of the Fort Kent fire Department, “We were actually recording readings as high as 200 parts per million which is way over the limit for a safe occupancy.”

The Fort Kent Fire Department responded to the call – and found that a dirty oil hot water heater in the basement had caused the carbon monoxide levels to rise so high. Though Stacy, Andrew, and Jason did have to be treated for showing symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, this family is thanking their lucky stars for the detectors they bought years ago – that just may have saved their lives.

Stacy says, “I’m just glad my husband kept the batteries replaced in it so that it did go off..and our levels were very low that we didn’t have to be admitted we just had to go on oxygen.”

Jason, Stacy’s son, says, “We were like about ready to go to bed..and we could have died when we were sleeping..something like that.”

Patrick Dube says, “Thank god it went off because if it would have went off I don’t want to think about what could have happened.”

The family has two detectors – one downstairs, and one upstairs. Chief Endee says it’s the law that every home have one – it’s best to put them near sleeping areas, and make sure you’re replacing the batteries regularly. The Dubes never thought twice about having them in their home – and they hope their story can teach others how important this really is.

Stacy: “If you don’t have one definitely get one, because it does save your life.”

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