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Fort Fairfield says goodbye to Town Manager

| December 10, 2013


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After 15 years of service to the town of Fort Fairfield a retirement party was held for the man of the hour, Dan Foster.  Friends, co-workers and community members packed the Fort Fairfield community center on Tuesday night to say farewell and thank you to the Town Manager as he enters retirement.

“The thing that I most admire about Dan is that he helps people feel good about themselves and good about what their doing.  He encourages us and inspires us to make a good place to live and then to enjoy living here,” said Steve Ulman a friend of Foster’s.

“See if you can’t honor somebody who has that big a job that well, who can you honor? Top dog in my book,” said David McCrea a member of the Fort Fairfield Town Council.

The night began with a dinner, then speeches and recognition for Foster’s service and finally a roast.  We spoke with Foster, and he told us what he is going to miss most about the job.

“I’ve made some wonderful friends and some wonderful relationships.  If there is one thing i’m going to miss it’s the people. They have been great to work with. Challenging but kind so that’s going to really be the thing I take away from all of this and tonight’s just kind of part of that whole process,” said Foster.

Foster’s contract will run through December 31st. On January 1st, Fort Fairfield’s new Town Manager Mike Bosse will take over.  Bosse has served the community as its Economic Development and Marketing Director as well as the Executive Director for the Chamber of Commerce for the past 3 years.

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