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Fort Fairfield Homebuyers Program Refurbishing Second Home To Be Put On Real Estate Market

| July 11, 2014


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A home refurbishment program in Fort Fairfield is being used as a way to attract new people to the community and increase economic development. Shawn Cunningham reports.

These contractors are putting in new flooring. Its one of a multitude of tasks that are getting done to refurbish this old home AND MAKE INTO NEW. Then the Town of Fort Fairfield will put the home on the market for sale.

Michael Bosse is the Fort Fairfield Town Manager and says “We pick homes that are probably not desirable for people to pick up on the market and we rehab them and we go right straight through them and replace what needs to be replaced put in new when we have to and upgrade what needs to be upgraded.”

“Its great it’s a good program for everybody in town and its gives people work and its good all the way around.” adds Sheldon Corey, Contractor forĀ Ant Hill Contractors.

When the contractors are done…this four bedroom, two bathroom home will have all new windows, an all new kitchen, new interiors, new siding and upgraded heating and electrical systems. It also has an upgraded garage.

Bosse says the homebuyer program is a great way to not only refurbish old homes but the community as well. It allows new families to move to Fort Fairfield thus growing the community.

Bosse adds “the program is established to entice young families to move to Fort Fairfield and gives them an opportunity to get into a nice home.”

Get into a nice home that’s quite affordable.

“Typically what we’ll do is the quality of place council will take a portion of that about 75 percent of the 20 percent down payment and take a note on it and if they’re able to keep up their payments to live in the home use it as a primary residence and not rent or lease it and not sell it for a period of five to ten years the note is forgiven.”

Bosse says the program is also helping with economic development. He says several new businesses including a light manufacturer are opening shop in the community. Anyone interested in buying this latest home being refurbished as part of the homebuyer program should contact the Fort Fairfield Town office for more information.

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