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Forecasters and Emergency Management Monitor Rain on the Way

| April 21, 2014

Well it’s almost the end of April, but snow is still on the ground in some areas and with above freezing temperatures means more snow melt, and we even have some rain on the way this week.

“At this point, the current thinking is that the rivers should be able to handle this, however given the recent rainfall we’ve had and the snowmelt and the fact that there’s still quite a bit of snow in the woods in sheltered locations,” says National Weather Service Meteorologist, Paul Fitzsimmons.

Fitzsimmons says they still have to be concerned, because if it rains more than predicted, problems could arise.

” We don’t want to write this off at this point just because there is still uncertainty in just how quickly this system comes through, ” says Fitzsimmons.

He says this is the time of year when forecasting for rain becomes tricky, because weather systems may move slower than anticipated, which would bring more rain to an area. For this system, about an inch or so of rain is expected.

“We’re looking at the heaviest rainfall would be occurring Tuesday night into at least the first part of Wednesday. So it’s really that period would be the period to focus on as far as the steadier rainfall,” says Fitzsimmons.

We also spoke with Darren Woods of the Aroostook EMA who was traveling, but says he has been in constant contact with the National Weather Service, and they have both been keeping each other updated on any changes in the forecast.

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