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Flood Safety Remains Priority…Urges Residents Use Caution and Common Sense

| April 18, 2014


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Water has receded a bit in Fort Fairfield, but officials say they’re still eyeing the river. Most importantly they’re warning folks to use caution and common sense in staying safe until the potential for flooding is no longer a threat. Shawn Cunningham reports.

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The water has gone down a bit but flooding potential still exists say Fort Fairfield municipal officials. As a result they warn people to be careful over the next few days. Tony Levesque is the Fort Fairfield Flood Planning Coordinator and says

“The river has receded but it still could come back up and people need to stay out of roadways that are blocked off and stay away from any barricades and definitely do not go across the flooded roads, you do not know if that road is there.”

Levesque says in the past few days, he’s seen several incidences of people using bad judgement in trying to catch of glimpse of the ice jams and high water.

“Some very smart people got into harm’s way the other day just to take pictures they wanted to get as close to the event as they possibly could and we had to send a police officer to convince them that they were in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

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Levesque says people should refrain from being too close to the river over the next week or so until officials put the word out that the flood threat is gone. He says when people use bad judgement they not only put their own lives at risk, but they also risk the lives of those who try to help.

“By them being in harm’s way we have to keep them from getting in harm’s way which puts our personnel in harm’s way to remove them.”


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