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Planes Finally Get off the Ground on Christmas Eve, Passengers Relieved

| December 24, 2013

NewTravel from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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It’s just after seven in the morning on Christmas Eve, and the Northern Maine Regional Airport is filling up fast. Many of these travelers of course headed to see family and friends for the holidays…but many didn’t get there as early as they had planned.

“We couldn’t get out yesterday morning…so the afternoon flight, they put me on a three o’clock flight which got delayed until 4, and then delayed until today,” says Nancy Conley of North Carolina.

Due to weather and mechanical issues, a number of flights were cancelled over the weekend and PenAir cancelled all three flights out of Presque Isle on Monday – forcing many people to wait until Christmas Eve to get to their loved ones.

“I had been staying with a friend and I had to call her from here and say, guess who’s coming back! She was happy…Judy Hull..she’s my little angel,” says Sherry Hudson of Presque Isle.

None of the PenAir representatives were able to speak with us on camera. But COO Dave Hall said over the phone that the airline did offer other methods of transportation to take people both north and south.

NC: “I can’t say that I wasn’t stressed out at having schedules interrupted, but then I look at these people that are trying to make us happy and they’re just as stressed as I was or we are, but they handle it better.”

Aside from one half hour delay in the noontime flight because of a snow squall, the other flights out of Presque Isle on Tuesday were on time… so all of these travelers could finally be with friends and family – what this holiday is really all about.

“My son is my life you know and I’m going to have New Years with my husband and and I’m gonna have my birthday with my husband so yeah its everything, its important,” says Hudson.

“We don’t have it that badly,” says Ann Walker of New Denmark. “Just because we’re stuck in an airport or our flights are cancelled, we should still be very grateful for all that we do have in our society so merry christmas everyone.”

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