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Fit and Fun Summer Series Coming to Presque Isle

| April 2, 2014

running series from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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It’ll be an exciting summer for county runners, one that will provide plenty of opportunities to get involved.

“People need to no longer travel to Portland in order to compete,” said Jonathan Kelley, the Owner and Race Director of Competitor ME. “Now they can stay here, sleep in their own beds, and also have their family and friends involved to help cheer them on.”

It’s called the County Fit and Fun Summer series. Six events taking place in Presque Isle from June to September, all with the intention of establishing Northern Maine as a destination for running and fitness enthusiasts.

“Three years ago we have two triathlons, and now we have three- there’s a demand for it,” said Kelley. “Building on the success of the traithlons is to further build on the running events on the county and making Presque Isle a hub for all of that.”

Especially since annual events like the Tri Aroostook and Redy, Set, Let’s Go Kids Triathlon have more than doubled in participants over the years. They’ve become popular events for county athletes, the same ones who are excited to see more events being added to the schedule.

“I like doing it because you meet new people, and you get fit,” said athlete Grace Bemis.

“I like doing triathlon because everyone who does it is friendly, and like Grace said, you get to meet new people and it’s a fun way to keep in shape,” added athlete Jillian Jandreau.

And it’s not just the athletes excited to see these new events… Just ask race director Jonathan Kelley.

“Today is absolutely the realization of a dream. There’s something for everybody this year, and that’s a first.”

The full list of events is as follows:

The Tri Aroostook and new Tri Aroostook kids will kick of the summer series on Saturday, June 28th.

In July, the Midsummer’s Night Glow Run/Walk taking place on the 12th.

The new Harvest Half Marathon will take place on Saturday, August 31st.

The annual Red, Set, Let’s Go! Kids Triathlon will be on Sunday, September 7th.

The Color Presque Isle 5K will return this summer– no date has been determined.

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