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Fireworks Sales Good At Pyrocity Maine Presque Isle Store

| June 23, 2014


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The summer season means barbeques, get togethers and fireworks. Its good business for one local merchant. Shawn Cunningham reports.

Dave Basely and his associate Rob Kierstead are putting up BOOMER, the Inflatable Gorilla. He’s a big customer draw to Pyrocity Maine’s Presque Isle store. And right now, business is good.

Corrie Kierstead is the Pyrocity Maine Presque Isle Store ManagerĀ  and says “We’re doing very well, good customer support community support and people love fireworks.”

Kierstead says the summer season is of course prime firework sales season. But this past winter, sales remained decent.

Kierstead adds “Actually it was steady, with skidooers, ice fisherman people just enjoying being outdoors.”

Pyrocity Maine’s Presque Isle store has been open for three years now. Kierstead says in that time, its been a positive addition to the local and state economy.

“Its added to the state and its added to jobs.”

And while customers are making their way in for all kinds of steals and deals to celebrate Independence Day, she says July 4th isn’t the only time when fireworks can be included…

“Even like family barbeques, birthday parties graduations going away parties any little thing…fireworks, works.”

She reminds people of regardless what celebration you’re using them for, to always use caution and safety when operating fireworks.

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