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Fireworks Sales and Safety

| July 4, 2014

FIREWORKS from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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Business at Pyro City Fireworks Store in Presque Isle, is booming.

“It has been awesome. There’s no other word to describe it other than awesome,” says store manager Corrie Kierstead.

Kierstead says she’s had customers from all over the United States coming in to buy fireworks. Now in their third season, she says they have been doing better than ever.

“Sales-wise it’s better. The community has always been very supportive, but this one has been a lot busier,” says Kierstead.

Buying fireworks is exciting, but it’s important to remember to be safe while using them.

“We just stress fireworks safety, and each of our employees gives safety tips to make sure everyone knows how to handle them properly, and safety measures they can do at home,” says Kierstead.

“Make sure that the fireworks are a safe distance from any structures. Make sure that they’re safe from the fallout from the sky that won’t start any fires in the area.┬áMake sure there’s an adult and limit the alcohol when using them because they can be very dangerous,” says Caribou Fire Chief, Scott Susi.

Other safety tips include, reading the caution labels, and avoiding homemade fireworks. Susi says they haven’t responded to fires due to fireworks, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. He says even though we have received some rain, the ground is still dry, so people should be extra aware of where they shoot off their fireworks. Susi says they have however responded to calls for injuries.

“We’ve responded to a couple of instances where people have burned themselves with them. Just out of sheer neglect. They’re not pointed in the right direction. Or, there’s been a problem with a misfire, and they try to correct it but before they can, it does actually fire,” says Susi.

Don’t forget, M-80s, Cherry Bombs and Silver Salutes are illegal in all 50 states, and need to be reported if found. So while you celebrate the nation’s birthday, remember to use your common sense, and be safe.

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