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Firewood Suppliers Say Stock Up On Wood for Cold Season Now…

| May 23, 2014


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The cold weather is behind us…But for those who make a living by supplying firewood to help keep Mainers warm, they’re already started thinking ahead to next fall and winter. Shawn Cunningham talks to one dealer who’s trying to LIGHT A FIRE under his customers…to buy their supplies early.

This past fall and winter posed a bit of a challenge for firewood dealers like Lucas Sterris. There was more customer demand than he could sometimes supply. Lucas Sterris is the¬†Owner of S&D Firewood Sales and says “It was a good winter, I had some difficulty getting some wood…people were calling they were running out late.”

Sterris says he was able to fill his nonstop customer demand by collaborating with wood suppliers in Portage and Ashland. That problem behind him, he and his workers are now looking ahead to next winter. And telling his customers to do the same, by stockpiling their wood supplies early.

Sterris adds “buy early everybody I find waits till the last minute and then they expect it yesterday and I’m doing the best I can to call people that are on my list of the past two years to buy now.”

“Although winter’s behind us, Sterris says he’ll continue to fill orders throughout the summer, and explains why its important to buy your firewood now as opposed to waiting until the fall.”

Sterris responds “You buy now you have all summer to stack it, it dries out so its nice and seasoned for the winter.

Sterris says waiting too late to order can create a rush and first come, first serve issue for customers. And Sterris isn’t dolling advice to customers, he’s not following himself.

Sterris says “I’m trying to buy ahead turn my dollar and buy some wood ahead right now I’m buying winter cut wood which is better than buying greenwood.”

He says the best way to ensure you’ll be warm all winter long, is buying BEFORE winter gets here.

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