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Figure Skaters Bringing “The Lion King” to the Ice

| March 14, 2014

Lion King Ice Show from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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They’ve got zebras, giraffes, and even little lions!

It’s the 32nd annual Ice Show put on by the Northern Maine Figure Skating Club. This year’s musical is The Lion King, and over 50 skaters have spent hours practicing for the big day.

“We work all year on their foundations, like their elements and their little skills,” said Coach Katie Griffin.

“I’ve been doing my routine thousands of times,” added skater Kayleigh Perry.

While the show is a one-day event, skaters have been perfecting their routines over the last month. The show has more of a Broadway feel, rather than a show complete with lines and narration.

Each skater is assigned a character, then a song. Then they relate THAT character to THAT song,” said Griffin.

“It’s put a new affect on it I think,” said skater Kelsie Spooner. “It’s more interesting and it will draw people because they can relate to the story-line.”

And they’re hoping to draw a crowd because this show marks the club’s last performance of the season. ┬áIt’s a bittersweet ending to months of hard work.

“These skaters put in so much time and effort,” said Mindy Aube of the Northern Maine Figure Skating Club. “This is a wonderful way to wrap it up.”

And just incase you’re not convinced to see these skaters in action, six-year-old Denver Miller explains exactly why one should see a figure skater perform.

“Because there’s so much room and energy!,” Miller happily exclaimed.


Show times are at 1pm and 7pm at the Presque Isle Forum. Tickets can be purchased at the door- they’re 8 dollars for adults, and 5 dollars for kids under the age of 12.

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