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Farmer’s Market Opens in Downtown Presque Isle…Hopes To Boost Business Economy

| May 19, 2014


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The farmer’s market in downtown Presque Isle is wrapping up after a busy first day of opening to the public. Shawn Cunningham reports…

Its been a great day one for this new farmer’s market in downtown Presque Isle. And its been a long time coming. Now that its here, organizers say it’s a great way to bring the community together and support local businesses…both storefront and riverfront.

Gary Cole is doing a little shopping from these vendors.

“I got some fresh spinach and some fresh radishes,” says Cole a local patron.

Cole says he’s been counting the days until this new farmer’s market in Riverside Park would open. Now its here…and so is he.

“Once people know that its here they’re gonna be coming and its gonna become a popular spot.”

It certainly was Thursday afternoon when it opened. Community, municipal and business leaders all turned out for the official ribbon cutting.

“We’ve got all kinds of people coming down the vendors are excited the weather’s good this is a great day to kick it off,” adds Leigh Smith, the Chair of the PI Downtown Revitalization Committee.

“I hope it continues and just grows hope to get some more vendors and more people out this is the first day we’ve got a really good crowd,” says Patti BeBlanc, a Member of the PI Downtown Revitalization Committee

And it was dozens upon dozens of PATRONS who also came out to show support and spend their dollars in the process. And vendors say they’re thankful to customers and the downtown business community for welcoming this NEW VENTURE with open arms.

Meryem Rogam a vendor in the new¬†Downtown Farmer’s Market says “its a great idea it will definitely bring more people out into the downtown area…”

“it brings people in not only for us but for the rest of the community,” adds Constantino Freitas another vendor.

“its great to be able to be part of the community and to be able to show what I have and what I can do,” says Eric Williams another vendor.

“we shall probably come once a week throughout the summer while they’re here.,” says Cole.

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