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Farmers Lukewarm on Possible Deal to Save MOO Milk

| July 4, 2014


PORTLAND, Maine (AP) – Oakhurst Dairy is making a tentative offer to buy Maine-based organic milk brand MOO Milk, but the farmers behind MOO are cool to the idea.

The Portland Press Herald reports the deal would put MOO Milk back on shelves. The Falmouth-based company discontinued sales to customers in May due to problems with outdated equipment. Twelve organic dairy farms had been producing the milk.

Oakhurst’s proposal includes a condition that at least 90 percent of the farms must accept it. That means only one farm could opt out. Two Loons Farm co-owner Spencer Aitel says the offer is “weak” because it doesn’t have enough long-term guarantees to protect the farmers. Another farm owner told the paper Oakhurst’s proposed price is lower than farmers had hoped.

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