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Fall Foliage

| September 24, 2013


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It’s official, summer is over, as fall quickly approaches it’s time for jackets, hay rides and of course the beautiful scenery.  This happens to be one of the many attractions to Maine this time of the year.

“There’s a big volume of people who come into Aroostook County specifically looking for beautiful scenes, fall foliage and just to get a glimpse of all of the beauty that Aroostook county has to offer.” said Leslie Jackson, the Regional Tourism Developer at NMDC.

A guided tour by The Department of Agriculture Conservation and Forestry can be taken this weekend, they are hosting their annual Fall Foliage hike at Haystack Mountain.

“Were going to unleash the new trail work that we’ve done in the past two years so it will be a great day to show the public what hard work that we have been doing along with a lot of volunteers in the Maine conservation core.” said Scott Thompson, Aroostook State Park Manager.

The hike will be a short but rugged 1/3 mile climb…Hikers should bring proper footwear, water, snacks, binoculars and cameras. While enjoying all of the beautiful scenery, Tour guides will talk about changing leaf color, interesting landmarks, and all about this mountain and why it is considered one of the gems of Aroostook county.  Thompson says that the leaves have turned early this year, making this up coming weekend one of the best times to get out and view the scenery.

“this weekend temperatures looking favorable around 70 degrees as Ted says that could be a day where we may have 100 people standing on top of haystack just ooing and awing over Gods creation.” said Thompson.

There’s no better way to kick off fall than a foliage hike in Aroostook County.

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