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Fall Flavor Craze

| September 10, 2013

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It’s that time of year again! Everyone is getting into the fall spirit. It seems like everything around you is gearing up for the fall season. Pumpkins, candy, candles, and even what you eat and drink are fall inspired. Coffee shops especially seem to bring in the fall season with a bang. NewsSource 8 sat down with Scottie Bragdon, the owner of the Presque Isle Tim Hortons, and Edward Wright the owner of Star City Coffee to talk about the fall flavor craze.

Scottie  Bragdon said, “People want to try anything new. The newness, the new products do attract a lot of our customers. Especially in the fall. It’s our busiest time of the year, October being our busiest month of the year.”

Bragdon says Tim Horton’s is offering a bunch of fall items that people wait for year round. This year, they are featuring pumpkin spiced muffins, apple cider doughnuts and tidbits, apple caramel bagels, and apple caramel flavor shots for hot and iced coffees. Bragdon says these are all big sellers. Edward Wright, the owner of Star City Coffee is changing his menu to reflect the fall flavors. He says people have been raving since summertime about the new fall arrivals.

Edward Wright says, “As we approach fall we are thinking of changing our menu. We’re adding things like pumpkin spice and apple flavors in all of our items, the bakery items and the drink items.”

Everyone seems to love the fall flavored coffees.

Dale Day says, “The pumpkin flavor and the hazelnut. I think it’s great that we have all these flavors because people have grown up on just regular brand coffee.”

Marlene Mceachern says,  “I love the fall time because that’s when they have the pumpkin coffee come out, and the apple spiced ones. Those are my favorite.”

Shawn Berry says, “Pumpkin spice with caramel. I love the fall season especially when it rolls around. It’s a time for sitting by the fire and drinking coffee and hot chocolate.”

So it seems like many people have embraced the fall flavor craze. With the change of seasons comes the change of taste.

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