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Revolution Downeast
  • Downeast Lakes Land Trust
  • January 25, 2014
  • 02:00 PM
  • 03:00 PM
  • Town Building, Water St. Grand Lake Stream
  • Join the Downeast Lakes Land Trust in welcoming Dr. Ruth Ahrens from the Burnham Tavern. Dr. Ahrens will discuss the events that occurred in the Downeast region during the Revolutionary War. In the late eighteenth century, the area that would become the state of Maine was still part of Massachusetts – a colony of a colony within the sprawling British Empire. When war did erupt, many Maine colonists hoped that their geographical isolation and the presence of Native tribes – many of whom were longstanding British foes – would protect them from royal forces in nearby Nova Scotia. For Maine, as for many other areas of the rebelling colonies, the struggle with England proved to be a divisive ordeal that heightened prewar social, economic, and political differences and created new ones.

    Dr. Ahrens will expound upon the revolutionary history of the area in general and recount the Battle of the Margaretta in particular. She will explain why events played out as they did and how actions in Machias mirrored those in the larger “theater” of the American Revolution.

    Attendees can prepare themselves to be part of an active and lively conversation by reading Revolution Downeast – a comprehensive account of the American Revolution in this region.


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