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Entrepreneur of the Year

| May 29, 2014


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There is a new entrepreneur of the year in Aroostook County. Cory LePlante the owner of Northern Prosthetics was named the Entrepreneur of the year by Leaders Encouraging Aroostook Development and the Nothern Maine Development Commission last Friday and says he is honored by this award. Yet, he is more concerned with lending a helping hand to the patients he cares so much about, “Well yeah there is nothing like seeing someone come into your facility whose lost their leg through trauma or disease whose able to walk again for the first time. It is a pretty amazing thing to be a part of.”

His work with prosthetics began at a young age when he himself had to use a prosthetic, this is when he learned about the mechanics involved with prosthetic work. “Growing up I lost my leg to Osteosarcoma so at a pretty young age I was introduced to the prosthetic field,” said LePlante

About the award itself LePlante says that he is flattered and though he won the award personally he says his staff helped him tremendously throughout the process and throughout the day, “It’s very flattering it’s very nice I think it is kind of a verification that we have a tremendous staff here.”

Ryan Pelletier of the Northern Maine Development Commission who was a key person in the selection process for the award  says, “Mr. LaPlante’s personal story and his passion for what he does stood out as a strong representation of the Spirit of Aroostook that the Entrepreneur of the Year Award attempts to recognize…”

In the end LePlante just wants to thank those people, outside his staff, who have helped him along the way.

“I would like to thank Mr. Bob Clark who is the gentleman who nominated me for this award I would also like to thank all my initial investors who believed in me, when I know they wanted to invest in the company with just my word and a handshake that I would pay them back. So, I am just really grateful to everybody who has helped me along and to the general community and the medical community,” said LePlante.

For LePlante growth is on the mind and he hopes to expand to other locations throughout the county, when he has the chance.

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