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Elks Promote Drug Free

| August 2, 2013


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Elroy the Elk is happy to walk about the Northern Maine fairgrounds meeting and greeting people. Especially youngsters, because his message TO THEM is so important…say no to drugs. He’s one important part of the Maine Elks State Drug Awareness Association. And the other is this new trailer, that has been traveling to communities throughout the county promoting drug prevention and awareness.

Curtis Lewin is Northern Dir., ME State Drug Awareness Association and says “we have a new trailer which is full of drug awareness information pamphlets to anyone who wants them we give them to any organization any church group any school anyone who wants them free of charge.

Lewin says the idea to purchase and send the trailer on the road came from an honest recognition and realization of the growing problem of drugs in the county.

“we’re having a problem with drugs in every area, in Presque Isle in the county in the state everywhere in the country and other countries and if we can get some information out to our children so that they can make some informed decisions hopefully we can get them off drugs.”

Lewin says having the trailer at heavily populated events like the fair is making a difference. He says its bringing a solution to the people instead of waiting for someone to come up with a collective answer. And he says the trailer has resonated well with kids already.

“we have pencils and rulers and colors fpr the kids we have basketballs and soccer balls for the kids we have our mascot who walks around all the time and its working.”

Lewin says although the Elks have spearheaded this program and are in charge of sending the trailer out to the local community. He says anyone in the community is invited to join and volunteer their time toward promoting substance abuse prevention. He says this is a community problem and requires community support and participation.

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