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Electricity Bills High Because of High Consumption

| February 7, 2014


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Are your electricity and heating bills a bit higher in the past few months. There’s a reason why…Peace and quiet outside the operations center of Emera Maine in Presque Isle. But INSIDE, calls are flooding into customer service. Customers concerned with why they’re electricity bills seem a lot higher. Have the rates gone up? Things are just not adding up. Emera Maine Customer Service Advisor Gina LeBlanc-Eggert explains why? “People are using more energy to run their furnaces things like that and that turns into using more electricity and in turn that turns into a higher bill,” says Eggert. Eggert says with the company name changeover from Maine Public Service to Emera Maine, customers are expecting changes in rates. But she wants to reaffirm that’s not the case at all. Eggert adds “things have not changed we’ve had the same rates now that you’ve had since September but we’re in wintertime and consumption’s higher.” Over the home heating side, local oil companies like Daigle Oil say there have been some increases. Daigle Oil Company tells Newssource 8: “There has been an increase in price on heating fuels since November due primarily to the cold winter getting an early start and increased demand for heating fuels due to natural gas shortages in various parts of the county.” Eggert says its not the rates that have changed but the amount of consumption which is why your bills might be a bit higher. And there are other issues to consider. Eggert adds “December/January we’ve had a longer billing cycle so their bills are normally between 30-31 days that may have been longer 33-34 days that might increase the consumption on the bill.” Eggert says customers should ask themselves some important questions when looking at their bills including: are you doing some things differently like using space heating for example. She says things like that or new habits could really spike up the bill compared to other months. Overall she says if people persist in wanting answers they should feel free to call the customer service center at 973-2000.


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