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Efforts to keep Fiddlehead Focus alive continue

| September 17, 2013


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Many events in the St.John Valley area have relied on coverage by Fiddlehead focus for the past 3 years.  With the print version no longer available, Publisher/Editor Andrew Birden is now relying solely on the online version, without these online subscribers there may not be a future for Fiddlehead Focus…However local business’ have been helping out.

“I started offering business sponsorships starting this week and several buisness’ have been stepping up and they would like to see fiddlehead focus continue, and so they are purchasing sponsorships that include advertising and this may bridge that gap.” Say’s Birden

Loss of money income has resulted in the loss of 6 jobs, Birden said if he was not forced financially to do so, he would have never made these cuts.  Birden has been working 6 to 7 days a week to keep Fiddlehead focus updated daily…the original goal was was to hit 1000 subscribers by the end of this week, however that deadline has been extended.

Birden say’s “what i’m hoping is that if I can manage to get through the next couple of weeks that soon after that i’ll be able to bring in a part time person that’ll transition to a full time person as the subscriptions and sponsorships continue to grow.”

Birden is not the only one who is want’s to keep fiddlehead in business.

Local Rod Larhen said, “I think that the fiddlehead focus has been a nice paper it’s got a lot of nice news and news articles.”

Local Patrick Albert said, “it would be negative if we loose fiddlehead focus, it’s a good news paper”

“I think it was absolutely a tremendous serve for the community as i said those of us who like to read and those of us who like to write it was an outlet for us.” Local Elizabeth Peceoraro added.

But in order to remain an outlet, Birden still needs roughly 700 subscriptions and the local business community to continue to step up.

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