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Edmundston Live Better Park

| September 21, 2013


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Over this border this weekend in Edmundston, New Brunswick, community members were busy at work putting together a new park, all thanks to a national competition the city won back in 2012. Over 75 people of all ages came out to lend a hand at the site of this brand new park on Saturday. An expensive park at that- with a value that exceeds $300,000 that was all made possible thanks to a national contest organized by the CBC, that the city of Edmundston happened to win!

Leader of Community Build Elaine Albert says,  “In April 2012, Edmundston was crowned Live Right Now Capital of Canada, and with that came $100,000 to put towards a natural playground.”

This small city beat over 75 other cities across Canada to win money towards a natural playground called the “Live Better Park.” It’s all part of a national Canadian initiative to promote good health. All the people that worked on the park project are volunteers.

Leader of Community Build Elaine Albert says, “It’s all made of natural elements so the little cave is done with granite and we have big boulders and trees.”

And there’s all the traditional things you’d expect to see at a park, Leader of Community Build Elaine Albert says, “We have a slide of course, a park wouldn’t be a park without a slide, then we have benches and picnic tables, a little cave and sandbox for the younger kids.”

There’s also a pond and a unique upside down tree right in the center. The leader of this Community project says, this “Live Better” park has a number of natural elements that will appeal to both young and old; and she expects it will be complete by early next week.

The Live Better Park is located on Belone Street in the Saint-Jacques village of Edmunston, New Brunswick. The park was also made possible thanks to the support of several companies and partners in New Brunswick.

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