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Economics For Success Put On By Junior Achievement of Aroostook County

| April 18, 2014


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Community leaders were interacting with Mars Hill youth today. The Junior Achievement of Aroostook County put on a special workshop to help youngsters narrow down their career goals.

As Shawn Cunningham reports, DECIDING WHAT YOU WANT TO BE, is just the beginning of being grown up.

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They’re only seventh graders, but these Mars Hill students are learning the importance of insurance and balancing a budget. Mark Wilcox says this Economics for Success workshop put on by Junior Achievement of Aroostook County volunteers is teaching kids important lessons that’s aren’t covered in everyday classroom assignments…BUT ARE needed in everyday life. Mark Wilcox is also the Chair for Junior Achievement of Aroostook County and says “Alot of the curriculum we cover aren’t in regular school curriculums because of the various cutbacks and what not its probably some questions they were never asked before and we wanna get them on the path of thinking what they wanna do for a career.”

“Its a great program I wish I had this program when I was their age and certainly when my children were growing up I think it provides students some additional information about careers about handling certain business activities and things like that nature,” says Larry LaPlante, a volunteer with Junior Achievement of Aroostook County

Wilcox says its important community leaders engage with young people to share their career and life experience.

Wilcox says “I think we bring a lot of diverse knowledge and things they wouldn’t be otherwise exposed to one of the things we try to stress to our presenters is share a little bit about what you do in the community, what your career paths might be and what your educational paths might have been.”

“These are typically topics they may not see in some curriculums so I think its advantageous for the community to provide them with some additional learning opportunities,” adds LaPlante.

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And those learning opportunities are sinking in with students…

Shane Stackpole says “I learned that in your career you should have a motivator that motivates you to get better in your career.”

SC: Why is it important kids learn to make career choices early?

“So they don’t get stuck in high school” says Lane Grass.

Jessica Thomas adds “I think its really fun and they’re teaching us a lot about things that we’re gonna need to know when we’re older.”


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