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Easton Teenager Makes Half Court Shots

| January 14, 2014


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Easton’s Jake Flewelling could be one of the luckiest people around  He has used his luck to pocket 700 dollars during the basketball season.

Last week Flewelling stepped up and hit this half court shot to win 200 dollars from the Presque Isle Boosters Club. That seemed like small change to Flewelling who just a couple of weeks before that hit a half court shot in Houlton  to win 500 dollars from Katahdin Trust. Flewelling says he thought a little bit about his lucky streak

Flewelling:”Put a little bit of thought into it . I decided it was probably better to just be happy with what I got instead of thinking about it.”

Coach Dillon Kingbsury giving Flewelling tips on proper form for the shot. Tongue in Cheek he takes the credit for Flewelling’s half court shot and success.

Kingsbury:” I like to take all the credit I can. We don’t practice to much but here and there I give him little pointers on how to make those half court shots so I like to take all the credit when credit is due.”

Flewelling:” I can give him some, but I think it might have a little do with me going out there and shooting the shot.”

Flewelling has bought tickets three times this year and his name has been called on all three occasions. Here is the irony while he has made the half court shot he has missed a foul shot .

“Kingsbury:” It’s funny because in Presque Isle they make him shoot a free throw before and he happened to miss both of them which I am not very proud of. but then he makes the halfcourt shot to make up for it.”

I would think that after making two half court shots there has to be a half court in the Bears playbook for a close game

Kingsbury:” You are not the only one to stay that I heard from five people. I guess if it comes down to it I know where the ball should go.”

Flewelling:” I really haven’t thought about it in a game. I know we have other guys on the team that I trust more to take the shot, but I was there and had to  do it I wouldn’t be to sad if I had to.”


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