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Eagles Prepare for State Title Game

| June 20, 2014

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Kirby:”They are super excited. They each wanted to hold the plaque and they were having a hard time giving it up. They have been building on it since last season.”

Cantafio:”It really feels great after last year that loss was a hard one. It pushed us 10 times harder to go back and finally win this year.”

Albert:”It felt amazing knowing all the dedication and hard work we put into it. It finally came out and we came out and achieved our goals.”

Senior pitcher Melissa Cantafio says this years team was much more relaxed heading into the title game

Cantafio:” Just staying calm and relaxed was the big key. Last year when we got there we were uptight. You could tell we hadn’t been there before. We played our game better.”

The players and coach agree this is a very tight knit group and that they are like a second family. Some of the players on the team are family. Sisters Kassee and Kelsee Albert are joined on the team by their cousin Melissa Cantafio.Kelsee and Melissa are the teams pitcher catcher combo

Albert:” We know when each other is down and there is something wrong. We go and give each other confidence. and boost each other up.”

The team has put up huge offensive numbers all season long. They have also played good defense and run the bases very well

Kirby:” We had 13 hits in the game. They placed them well into the gaps and through the infield and ran the bases hard too.”

Cantafio and Albert and senior Jordyn Hopkins took a Project Graduation trip earlier this week and even while they were away they had impromptu practices and Cantafio made sure to practice her pitching

Cantafio:” We were actually outside in the parking lot at the hotel practicing.I kind of hit a car and hit a window, but we practiced because I needed to get it in.”

The good news the window wasn’t broken and there was no damage to the car. Albert says the team will be focused when they take the field in the morning

Albert:”We are nervous, but we know what we need to do. Just come out strong and not overthink or underthink it. Just come out confident and do what we need to do.”

The LCS/MSSM eagles softball team will play for the Class D state Title tomorrow morning in Brewer. The Eagles were focused all year on making it to this point and they are very excited.




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