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Eagle Lake Family Reunited With Missing Puggle

| June 23, 2014


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An Eagle Lake family is happily reunited with a family member that was missing for seven days. Shawn Cunningham has the story of how someone from up above was looking out for “Mommy’s Angel”.

Linda and Savannah Plourde usually walk their new puppy Addison everyday. Except this last week when 8 month Addison suddenly took off.

Linda Plourde┬ásays”My daughter was putting her out last Wednesday morning, and she was holding the leash on her weak side and the dog pulled enough where it pulled the leash out of her hand and she just kept running and went up the road.”

Addison, a therapy dog in training who helps Savannah cope with a series of health issues…found herself in need of help. She’d gone missing for seven days thereafter.

Savannah Plourde describes the experience with her whole heart.

SC: “what was it like while she was away?”

SP: “um, it felt different.”

Linda adds “she missed that dog..she’s like her sidekick.”

Linda says from the moment Addison was gone, the community stepped up to help. The missing dog was mentioned on Newssource 8 and Facebook the entire time. Plourde says several times Addison was seen.

Linda Plourde says “there was many sightings many people would come, the community got together and say she was at the bridge and people would be calling us and we would go to all these tips and it was just refreshing knowing she was still alive.”

7 miles away from the Plourde home, this is the wooded area Addison wandered into. The Plourdes say the last seven days have been tough not knowing her whereabouts. They’re glad she’s alive and home and glad the community came together to make that happen.

Addison somehow made it back home early Wednesday morning. And along with everyday walks, Savannah can go back to playing dress up with her best friend. Someone upstairs was clearly looking out for mommy’s angel on earth.

SC: “what’s her favorite outfit?”

SP: “the one that has mommy’s angel on it.”

Linda expresses her sincere gratitude to the community.

“I just want to thank everybody all week because if it wasn’t for the whole community along with WAGM I really don’t we would have got our dog back.”

This family reunion is a prayer answered.


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