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Driving with snow on your windshield is illegal

| January 1, 2014


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Driving in the snow can be dangerous but driving with snow ON YOUR CAR is not only dangerous; it’s also against the law. News Source 8’s Angela Christoforos reports…

It’s a winter wonderland out there, and you don’t want to drive around in a portable snowdrift. It’s not just unsafe, it’s illegal!

Deputy Chief of the Presque Isle Police Department Laurie Kelly said, “There are laws that you can’t have your windshield or your front side windows which give you access to your side view mirrors.”

Snow, ice, and frost needs to be removed completely because if not, it blocks your peripheral vision, and that makes you a threat on the road. Even though there isn’t a law that says you have to have snow cleared off your rear window, you could be in violation of unsafe backing if you don’t clear it off.

“You see a lot of cars that have about 2 feet of snow piled on top of it. There’s not a specific law to that but that is dangerous so we advise if you can’t clean your car off as much as possible because as the wind blows that’s blowing right back on someone else’s vehicle,” said Kelly.

Make sure your license plate isn’t covered with snow. And if you don’t clean off the rest of your car, don’t be surprised if you get stopped!

“You see them on the road and ones that are a blatant safety issue we’ll stop them and say you need to pull over and pull your windshields off,” said Kelly.

With travel being slick and icy as it is, save yourself the added challenge of not being able to see and make sure you clear your car windows off completely before you hit the road. And for those of you that have snow tires, under law at least 2 of your tires on the same axel have to be the same.

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