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Dr. Levesque Elementary School of Frenchville receives distinction for promoting healthy living in schools

| January 3, 2014


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Good eating habits and exercise are the key to living a healthy life. That idea is becoming more and more recognized in schools. One school in the St. John Valley has done such a good job of teaching that, that it’s received a special distinction; and it’s only one of two schools across the state to receive it. New Source 8’s Angela Christoforos reports…

The Dr. Levesque Elementary School in Frenchville has received a Gold Site of Distinction by the Let’s Go! Program for promoting healthy habits.

Let’s Go! Dissemination partner for Aroostook County Jamie Chandler said, “They have made changes towards healthy living incorporate everything from 5 fruits and vegetables a day to, 2 hours or less in front of the screen, one hour or more of activity each day and zero sugary drinks.”

Principal of the Dr. Levesque Elementary School Lisa Bernier said, “I think the younger you start the better off you are, you instill these habits, they continue.”

Those healthy habits are sure to continue at this school because they’ve become a part of the wellness policy. A key component of the wellness program is providing rewards through physical activity.

“I’ve told teachers I will never say no to you giving kids an extra recess, extra time in the gym. They’ll ask for extra recesses all the time and ask for when their next reward is,” said Bernier.

Student Gavin Martin said, “It’s a fun program we spend a lot of time with each other and get exercise.”

And it’s not just the kids that are on a health kick, teachers and staff are on board too! But what if a sweet tooth strikes?

“We don’t wrestle anyone at the door who sends a cupcake or two but we educate parents about good choices,” said Bernier.

Good choices that earned this school 1 of only 2 statewide recognitions for promoting healthy living in school.

Zipple Elementary School in Presque Isle received Bronze recognition along with several day care centers from across Aroostook County. If you want more information on the Let’s Go or 5210 program visit


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