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Doris Bernard’s Birthday Present from the Red Sox

| October 7, 2013


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It’s been quite a few weeks for 100 year old Red Sox Super Fan Doris Bernard of Presque Isle. Bernard turned 100 last month and after we aired the story about her 100th birthday and her love for the Red Sox the team sent her a very special birthday present.


Doris Bernard’s apartment is a shrine to her favorite team and just last week she received several more items in the mail from the Red Sox team ambassador. The items included a B Strong logo a signed Jacoby Ellsbury picture and an item that she is very excited to have.

“That is where they play ball and that is where I got the dirt… where they play ball I wouldn’t sell that for nothing.”

The Sox Organization has been very good to Bernard and her family. She attended her first game when she was 94 years and the organization treated her like royalty letting her on to the field during batting practice. She also got the chance to wear from Major League Bling the 2004 World Series Ring worn by one of the Red Sox announcers

” I wanted it pretty bad, but he told me he wouldn’t sell it for a million dollars. Something he won, I couldn’t blame him  I wouldn’t sell my dirt either.”

The Sox are just 9 wins away from winning another World Series and Bernard has all the confidence in the world in the team

”  Course they can course they can. My Red Sox they can win the game.”

She has been watching and listening to games longer then I have been alive and she would love to se them win again, but if they can’t she has just one desire

” I always said if they can beat those Yankees. I want them to beat all, but I can’t expect that, but if they can beat the Yankees I’m happy,. I don’t care for the Yankees.

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