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Disturbing meth lab trend in the County

| March 26, 2014


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In the span of one week, the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency has had not just one meth bust on their hands, but two. And as News Source 8’s Angela Christoforos reports, it’s a trend that’s gained ground just 3 months into 2014…

Tuesday’s meth bust in Hodgdon is just another indication of a disturbing trend here in Aroostook County. It’s the 7th time Maine Drug Enforcement Agents have executed a meth bust so far this year.

Aroostook County Task Force Supervisor Shawn Gillen said, “It’s putting a stress on our office as well as the rest of the state. I’m not really sure why Aroostook County is so heavy with methamphetamine, it always has been.”

Twenty four year old Marcus Toner was charged with Class B trafficking of methamphetamine on the Hodgon Mills Road in Hodgon at a residence that’s only just down the Street from the High School and elementary school.

Life by Design  Drug Counselor and Hodgdon resident Phil Jurson said, “It’s only what a mile and a half down the road from the school.”

Hodgdon Resident Royce Quint said, “Little surprised, I didn’t really expect something like that especially so close to home.”

The Danforth couple whose infant died Friday, the same day their mobile home was destroyed by a fire have also been charged with making methamphetamine. These meth busts are only 2 of 7. Seven cases have popped up in different parts of the County so far just 3 months into 2014.

“As a substance abuse counselor I’m aware it’s all over the place. It’s in Houlton, it’s in Hodgdon, it’s in Danforth, it’s in Oakfield, it’s in Presque Isle, it’s all over the place so the fact that they arrested somebody right down the road doesn’t mean that right down the road there isn’t another one,” said Jurson.

AMHC Director of Behavioral Health Services Peter McCorison said, “The drug is so seductive that once you start taking it the risk that you’re going to become dependent on it is very high, so we have to have a conversation as a community that this is not a risk that is acceptable to take.”

It’s been a problem in the County for years.The Maine Drug Enforcement Agency says there were 20 meth lab busts last year, and 13 of them in 2012.

The Aroostook County Task Force says they depend on information and tips from the public to crack down on meth labs.

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