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Discovery Days

| August 28, 2014

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Four community organizations are partnering together to create a fun and innovative program for the County’s youth.

A crowd gathered at one of the oldest buildings in Presque Isle to discuss a new youth program. Officials say the program will tackle what’s been a national epidemic among kids.

“We’re seeing a nationwide trend in childhood obesity,” said Aroostook Pediatrics P.A. Lori Eckerstorfer. “Personally I’m seeing adolescents with hypertension and diabetes.”

“Really there’s been a recognition across the county that we really need to work together in order to move the needle in terms of health of our young people,” said Aroostook Medical Center (TAMC) CEO¬†Sylvia Getman.

So TAMC, the Presque Isle Historical Society, Aroostook County Action Program(ACAP), and Healthy Aroostook have partnered together to put on Discovery Days. The program will be a series of Saturday activities throughout the fall to promote health and wellness for the County’s youth.

“You’ll seem TAMC people all over the place as well as those of our community partners,” said Getman. “We really are all in this together and we need to be if we are going to make a difference in terms of making an impact in the health of our communities.”

Kim Smith of the P.I. Historical Society was a driving force behind the program. She says kids will learn through games rather than lectures.

“It’s all designed for the children to have fun but at the same time develop those life skills that they needed,” said Smith
The Discovery Days Program will begin on September 27th here at the Vera Estey House, where children will take part in 19th century games such as hopscotch, sack races, and the game of graces, which helps develop hand-eye coordination.

Other planned events include bedtime stories at the library, a dinosaur themed dental activity, and TAMC’s Take Flight event at the Northern Maine Regional Airport.

ACAP’s Community Transformation Grant (CTG) Coordinator Jamie Chandler is ready to go.

“We will have Ready, our ready, set, let’s go mascot there to entice the kids into a healthy fun run, and I will also be talking to the kids about how to be a coach potato, not a couch potato,” said Chandler

The programs run every Saturday at 10:00am from September 27 thru November 8th. e

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