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Disc Golf Course Opens in Limestone

| October 24, 2013


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It’s a cold blustery day, but that didn’t dampen the enthusiasm  in Limestone today as a new disc golf course was opened.


This is Natasha Brewer throwing the first disc today to open the Mark Brewer Memorial Disc Golf Course at Limestone High School.  Mark Brewer was a carpentry teacher at the Loring Job Corp who passed away earlier this year. The disc golf course is a collaborative effort between , Maine School of Science and Mathematics and the Limestone Recreation Department and the Loring Job Corp Carpentry students. Pam Buck of Loring Job Corp says it was a learning experience for the students.

“The carpentry students put their skills to work as well as working in the community. The students liked the engagement of working in the community and now they saw the finished project. It was a good fit for both sides.”

Limestone Town Manager Donna Bernier says all the groups in Limestone work well together and this is just another collaborative effort that is paying dividends

” Loring Job Corp and MSSM have winter sports together.  They have adult basketball that goes extremely well and the collaboration between the three is just great.”

Healthy Aroostook a project of the Aroostook County Action Program  funded the project with a grant. Carol Bell was there to see the finished project.

” So this is a great project. We are very excited to get people out and doing something they like. We really like seeing people enjoy their activity outside and get healthier while they are doing it.”

Sara Shaw the Limestone Recreation Director says that the course is free to use and that she thinks that it will be a big hit

“We are really big on getting people outside and enjoying healthy activity. We saw a need for it. It is a growing sport and something anybody can do whether you are five years old or 75.  It’s something that really brings the community together and gets them active and healthy.”

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