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Detention Center Escape

| March 4, 2014


SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine (AP) – Three teenage boys who escaped from their rooms in a high-risk unit at a detention center attacked a worker, dragged him away and used his portable radio to brag about the incident before being recaptured.
An internal investigator’s report obtained by the Portland Press Herald said juvenile program worker Adrien Dufresne was attacked and dragged into a cell, where he was left bleeding early on Feb. 14 at Long Creek Youth Development Center. The three escaped to a fenced-in area before being apprehended.

The newspaper said the investigator concluded the three got out of their rooms by leaving doors partially open or using playing cards to keep them from locking.

The three tried unsuccessfully to use bedsheets to climb the fence. They were recaptured 80 minutes after their escape.

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