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Democratic U.S. Senate Candidate Shenna Bellows Begins 350 Mile Trek Across Maine

| July 21, 2014


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Going the extra mile- that’s what democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Shenna Bellows say’s she’s doing to raise awareness about her campaign in the race against incumbent Republican Senator Susan Collins. In this case, it’s actually several miles as Bellows has begun a trek across the state. New Source 8’s Angela Christoforos caught up with her today in Island Falls…

Democratic U.S. Senate Candidate Shenna Bellows is in Day 2 of a 350 mile trek across Maine. A trip that will take her from Houlton to Kittery and through 63 communities.

Democratic U.S. Senate Candidate Shenna Bellows said,”It’s exciting it’s really such a privilege to get to meet so many people in our communities all across Maine and hear what’s on their minds, and that’s what should matter most in our politics.”

She’ll of walked 33 miles by the end of the day Monday, but she still as 317 to go to get to Kittery.

Shenna Bellows Supporter Patrick Hunt said,”It says a lot about her because she’s going to energize poor people, working class people, and people who need protection. She’s not representing Wall Street and the banks, she’s representing working class people by visiting all of them in Maine.”

Bellows says her “Walk with Maine for Jobs and the Economy” is an attempt to hear from real people about the real concerns in Maine.

“The number one thing that people are telling me right now is that people need jobs, so that young people can stay in the area so that people can move here and the economy can grow,” said Bellows

Though Bellows is up against some tough competition, she says she’s willing to go the extra mile, or MILES to raise awareness of her campaign for Senate.

“I’m in this to win. I really think we need change in Washington when you look at our Maine traditions, you know Bill Cohen wasn’t expected to win when he started his walk across Maine in 1972, he was the underdog,” said Bellows.

If elected in November, she says she’ll bring voters concerns with her to Washington. She wants to reach as many Mainers as possible one step, one mile, one community at a time.

Bellows plans to arrive in Kittery by August 12th, which will be the last stop of her 3 and a half week journey.

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