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Decreasing gas prices turn out to have no direct correlation with the Government shutting down.

| October 3, 2013


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“Let every individual members of congress make up their own minds and they can show the american people, are you for a shutdown or not?” , President Obama took aim at lawmakers Thursday.

He called on them to pass a budget. In the meantime, it was Day 3 of the partial government shutdown.  And while any type of government shutdown mostly means no good news, a recent article by Time Business & Money says there could be a bright spot.  It claims a government shutdown would mean a drop in demand for oil, that drop in demand could mean a drop in the price you pay at the pump.  But, two people we spoke to say that’s not the case so far.

“It is typical every year it’s like this, usually its peak is right in the middle of July everybody is going on vacation everybody is driving a lot usual after labor day or so people start to kind of clamp up on their wallets and they spend a little bit less on gas.” Said Chris Pelletier Store Manager at Bradleys.

Senior petroleum analyst for GasBuddy.Com, Gregg Laskoski, told us gasoline prices tend to follow seasonal patterns and every year we see prices go up during the spring and continue to be high during the summer, then in the fall consumer demand diminishes. Also, Winter blend gas has fewer additives and takes the refineries less time to produce this product.

Maine’s average price for gas is 3.52 dollars a gallon, that is .44 cents lower than the price of gas one year ago from today.  Prices at Bradleys Citgo are down 20 cents since July, there at 3.69 a gallon and they could continue, to get lower.

“It does usually go down considerably, usually it is more gradual so you don’t really notice it so much but it does decrease.” said Chris Pelletier.

According to Pelletier gas has dropped 10 cents this week alone, but as Laskoski told us it is due to seasonal change.

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