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December Is National Drunk & Drugged Driving Prevention Month, But Caribou Is Seeing More Prescription Drug OUI’s

| December 11, 2013

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Car accidents can happen even when it isn’t your fault.  Someone who’s under the influence of drugs or alcohol and operating a vehicle is dangerous to the public, and themselves.   That’s why the month of December is dedicated to prevention.

When you hear about driving under the influence, you typically think alcohol or marijuana, but that’s not always the case.

Corey Saucier is a Drug Recognition Expert with the Caribou Police Department, he says,  “A lot of our drug OUI’s are from prescription drugs, and a lot of them are legally prescribed to the individual who is OUI.”

Regardless of the justification, the results of an accident are the same.

Saucier says, “this year we’re pretty much 50 50 with OUI alcohol OUI drugs.”

Officer Saucier says those taking prescribed drugs need to respect the labels. If drowsiness kicks in after 20 minutes of taking your pill, you need to take the preventative measure in not driving. And although it sounds cliche, you especially shouldn’t drive after consuming significant amounts of alcohol.

“The fines are hefty, the jail time is significant, and the accidents are not something you want to see,”  Saucier adds.

December is national drunk and drugged driving prevention month in the united states.  So police departments will be taking their preventative measures by increasing patrols on the streets.

Saucier says,  “everybody should know that not only caribou but other neighboring police departments, we’re going to be saturating the roads, there’s gonna be cruisers everywhere – police officers everywhere, we’ll have safety check points, people will be getting stopped and checked.”

The point to stopping drivers and checking them, is not exactly to bust them, but to keep them safe.

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